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What does your dream library look like?

Posted on: May 8, 2009

What does a library of the future look like?  Laptops, video streaming, recording/editing rooms, and digital books and stories?  If you had a magic wand, how would you design your library of the future?  Tell us what you think.

How interactive is your library of the future?

How interactive is your library of the future?

2 Responses to "What does your dream library look like?"

Good luck with your blogging ventures. Was wondering where you got your image–have seen something like that before?
Also would like to know your strategies for getting your school population connected/subscribed to your twitter postings.

Hi Beth.

I tried to give credit to the source via trackbacks, but it did not show up on the published version. I got the image from http://www.bluehaired.com.

As far as getting students and staff connected to Twitter, right now is mentioned on the front page of our website (www.martavalle.org), I have posted flyers in the school and in the library, I start each lesson with a mention of the blog and Twitter page and as students borrow books I tell them to add the library and will mention them on the page. Right now the response is slow, but I expect it to improve.

I like your blog, especially the books you recommend box. I may add this to our page as well.

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